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McCloy strikes again

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As some of you may know the 29th of April is a very special day not only was Jerry Seinfield, Michelle Pfeiffer and Uma Therman born but a little Aussie battler - Samantha (no middle name) Dennis was brought into this world.

Although no family (not that Jamie or Michael really ever did anything of any worth) and friends (tear) to share my birthday with, the idea of being in NYC was exciting enough...or was it..William darling, gorgeous, prince charming McCloy decided to take matters into his own hands and organise a birthday to remember.

Please note it is extremely difficult to organise anything without the other person knowing considering we spend every second of every hour of every day with each other..

It all started in the morning..breakfast in bed.. i might add Will can put together a mean cereal (bananas yoghurt we are talking the whole kit and caboodle) all set on a chopping board for my convenience..food / bed i was in heaven already.

We then had a lunch reservation at the infamous “NOBU”..due to popular demand there are several Nobu’s around New York but we went to the original one set in Manhatten..the real McCloy...(see what i did there)..

Lunch was amazing..the food was ridiculous, each bite melted in ours mouths and it was so fresh and flavoursome. Will being the investigate journalist he is had practically read every review on Nobu and could quote a comment on each menu item..recommending meals better than the waiters..brilliant..I was so sure i would see a celebrity, i even went to the bathrooms in hope i would see Lindsay Lohan making out with someone..unfortunately she wasnt in there and as i left (an hour later) i walked past the “celeb section”..there was a special room which was roped off which was were the real celebs go...dammit sneaky devils.

After lunch we had a bit of time to relax before getting ready for a fun filled night.

First stop - Flute, a trendy little champagne bar which use to be a speakeasy bar in the 1920’s. This place was gorgeous, reservations only and it seated a limited amount of people giving it an intimate feel. Each seating section was roped off with velvet curtains and the waiters were dressed in WW1 outfits. With a bottle of champagne, food and a martini for good luck under our belt it was on to the main course..

A broadway show..Wicked!! I was so excited, i had wanted to see this show for a while. It was at the Gershwin theatre not far off Times Square. It is a great theatre as it isnt too big, you can see everything from where ever you sit. Well we both absolutely loved it, even Will surprised himself as he wasnt overly keen on sitting through a thousand songs but eveything was done so professionally, the performers had the most amazing voices, the costumes were awesome..basically you couldn’t flaw a thing. I found myself a few times staring so hard that i would forget to blink and then i would blink and my eyeballs would sting and id cry and look ridiculous but it was because it was so good, i didnt have time to blink i didnt want to miss thing. Oh and the poor Wicked witch of the West..yes that’s right, i feel sorry for her, she is just a green misunderstood little girl who actually has a huge heart..my whole take on the Wizard of Oz has changed. If had seen this 15 years ago i wouldnt have been so scared of her in the movie...

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly anymore fun along comes more food and drinks...

Next stop...PDF..short for “Please dont Tell”. This is a club that is so exclusive you have to ring up for a reservation the day of at 3pm...not 2:59..or 3:02.. but 3pm or they wont answer. What is cooler about this place is that you enter through a telephone booth which is inside a cheap hotdog joint “Crif Dog”. You walk in, go into the booth, pick up the phone and then the side door opens and you enter this funky, intimate hidden away bar. What i like about this place is although exclusive it is not pretentious and you can also order the hotdogs from next door and they bring them through. Will and i tried the special which had deep fried mayo on it..yes a heart attack waiting to happen..but it was delicious.

Finally it was time to head home and reflect on what a great day i had...ok to be honest not a lot of reflecting happened that night, as soon as my head hit the pillow i was out...too much fun for this little birthday girl..!!

What a day..i feel so lucky..thank you to all my friends and family for their birthday wished and presents. I miss you all but luckily i couldnt be in better hands


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Hi Sam, just got your card. Love the rock from Alcatraz - might have it mounted. evokes images of the Shawshank Redemption with a dude tunnelling his way out off the place with a tiny rock pick for 20 years to only come up in the warden's office...uhoh..bugger!

Appreciated the "card" from Huntington Beach - suddenly there were echoes of an old surfing song from my youth (yes I was a surfie) by the Surfaris...circa 1962...

Surfer Joe...

He went down to Huntington Beach one week
For the annual surfer's convention meet
Hangin' five and walkin' the nose
And when the meet was over
The trophy was Joe's

Surfer Joe joined Uncle Sam's Marines today
They stationed him at Pendleton, not far away
They cut off his big blonde locks, I'm told
And when he went on maneuvers, Joe caught cold

etc etc...I sort of can relate to Joe having been in almost the same situation.

Hope you guys are OK. The swine flue seems to be fading away...one statistic suggests that if you're over 50 you are immune,. Guess that's one advantage - although Sarah has the sniffles - but I checked last night and she has grown a curly tail so I guess she's OK.

Nothing much else - room is almost finished, just have to lay the tiles, paint the walls and is done.

Take care

Love Dad


by DonaldJ

Correction to the above. Sarah has NOT grown a curly tail...

If she does I will let you and the Guiness Book of records know.


by DonaldJ

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