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Iguazu Falls

Iguazu meaning = a ridiculous amount
Falls meaning = water

Will and I set off for Iguazu Falls today. We arrived early, 8:30am ready and set to take on the park.
We had heard so much about the Falls and both Will and I had never been to Niagra so we didnt really know how good water falling over some rocks could be....well i can tell you now, they are good, they are really good. On a scale of goodness they would easily be 10.5 goods. The first time we saw the falls we had one of those moments, the ones were you feel at one with nature and say tree hugging hippy things like.." with all the chaos and destruction in the world i can´t believe such beauty.. " you get my drift.

The great thing about Argentina is i dont think they believe in OH&S laws so all the trails are built so that you can get close to the water. Some of the trails are quite steep and in hindsight Havaianas probably wouldnt have been the footwear of choice. There is one trail which you catch a ferry across the water and then hike up a massive hill, i felt like i was back in my netball days at Kangaroo Valley (netball reference sorry only the Coolies will really understand), anyway once you get up there you follow this trail which opens up on a ledge, it is called Isla De San Martin. The view is so amazing, you are so close to the water fall that the sheer force of the water blows your hair and it is like you are caught in the middle of a rain storm. No doubt some more nature loving sayings were said.

The highlight of the day, however, was our Nautical boat adventure. Here you are all given life jackets and water proof bags, which they strongly recommend you put all your clothes in and wear the bare minimum. THey then take you around to the different falls, at first it is nice and calm and everyone has their cameras out taking snaps. Then they yell something at you which we have no idea what but assume it is put cameras away we are about to get wet..well Thanks to Pammie McCloy our camera is water proof and we start feeling a little bit better than everyone else on the boat trip. They then take you really close to the water fall and it is like you are in the middle of a water hurricane (if there was such a thing), you get absolutely drenched, it reminded me of being on the cork screw at DreamWorld but 1000 times better. We also managed to video our adventure on our cool camera (touch it Pammie), so hopefully we can put that up on this blog when we finally come across a computer that will allow it.

All in all, Puerto Iguazu was an amazing experince. The hostel experience wasnt overly great and there isn´t alot to do apart from visiting the falls but it is something i would strongly recommend.

Next stop Bombinhas..only a 16hour bus ride to go..


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Puerto Iguazu

Finally some countryside!

sunny 35 °C

The moment finally came.. we had both been dreading it.. a bus trip to Puerto Iguazu.. at the border between Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil.. Its no normal bs trip, its 16 straight hours of transit. Awesome.
We had pretty much walked every street of BA though, so we were ready as we heading to the omnibus (main bus station)... once we hopped on though we realised that the south americans travel in style.. The seats were huge and they went back 180 degrees, movies on flat screens.. sweet. Sam did her usual trick and passed out in about 4 seconds, so i woke here when dinner was served to us.. And to this day i have never been served a worse meal. I cant describe it here as i cant think of words that will convey the gut wrenching smell.. Anyway apart fromt that the trip was great, we both slept a full night and woke up just in time for coffee to be served.. noice.
Turns out the hostel inn Puerto Iguazu spent all their money on the pool and very little on the rooms. When we first arrived the place looked like a resort.. huge pool, bar, dancefloor etc. But when we got to out room it was pretty dingy. Last night marked our first attmept at dorms instead of private rooms, and it may well be our last. After a couple of drinks and diner we went to bed around 10.. There were two other occupied beds in our room but we had never met the inhabitants.. yet.
At around 1 the first one stumbled in and attempted to climb on the bunk above mine.. Later estimates would put thhe hulking mass of argentinian beef at about 350 pounds. i spent the first half hour after his arrival wondering if i would survive a collapsed top bunk accident.
When he finally made it onto the bed he procedded to start snoring like a chainsaw.. hten, at about 230, his mate turned up, completely blind, and went for a shower. He then came back and, standing about 3 feet from me, got nude and dired himself most theatrically, while the moonlight from the window gleamed sensually from his fat wobbly frame. It was a most enlightening experience and a solid case for shelling out the extra 10 bucks for a private room.
Now we are off the see the falls, have booked a boat ride thast takes you under the falls, lucky ive got a waterproof camera!
WnS x

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Last days of BA


sunny 28 °C

Monday and Tuesday were our last days in BA and so because of this we set off to visit a cemetry..
Now as morbid as this sounds Recoleta is known for this cemetry, many amazing people are buried here including Eva Peron..think Madonna in Evita ' but much better.

Recoleta itself is beautiful, it is the Tourak of Melbourne or the Double Bay of Sydney. So as you can imagine I immediately took a liking to this place. The streets are lined with great shops such as Fendi, Christian Dior and Tiffany/Co. Everything is either marbled or gold plated, as first i thought Will was being affectionate wanting to hold my hand but i soon learned he was actually dragging me ensuring i didnt enter any of the shops.

Being the friendly Aussie couple we made a few friends in our hip and happening hostel and so one of them, Gardener Marshall Mundy Junior, yes he is American and no he is actually intelligent, joined us. The great thing about Marshall is that not only does he speak a little bit of Spanish he is ridiculous intelligent and likes to talk, so we threw away our Lonely Planet and instead just asked Marshall.

Ok back to the cemetry, it was absoloutely beautiful. It is the hardest cemetry in the world to get in to. You either have to be Maradona or the president or do something really cool to get in. It has french enspired architecture and each headstone is a mini Church in itself. You can look inside and see the coffins, some coffins are open with the bodies only having a thin piece of cloth over them..ewww.

We also visited the worst Museum in the World. This was Marshall`s idea, and so now because it was such a disaster any more ideas he has we can immediately vito and suggest what we want to do. The Museum contained the work of...(I will have to ask Marshall as Will and I have deliberately erased his name from our memory) but he worked with tiny plastic baby dolls, like the size of a toy car. Apparently you call this modern art, and maybe one of his works you would see and go hrmmm interesting, but 40 paintings with dolls stuck to it and the only distinct difference is the colour of the baby dolls...well i dont buy it.

Anyway, our time in BA is up and now that it is time to leave we are sad to go. The people are friendly, the city is pretty and the more you get to know it the more you fall in love with it.

Dont cry for me Argentina..

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San Telmo

The Cobbled streets of Argentina..

sunny 28 °C

Having decided never to take Argentinina public transport again, Sunday saw us head to San Telmo, a neighbouring barrio which was said to have some markets on... Well, that was a slight understatement... San Telmo Sunday markets are about the biggest ive ever seen! The stalls stretched for miles down la defensa st, all manner of things to buy and tourists everywhere.
Sam and i, of course, did not look the least bit touristy....backpacks with bright yellow nametags, upside down map and lost confused expressions... and we are the only blonde poeple in the entire country. This lead to pretty much every stallholder falling over himself to sell us argentinian flags, coins, small children, stray dogs... pretty much anything within arms reach at the time..
I managed to steer Sam down most of the street with only minor damage to the hip pocket before being stung unexpectedly by a rather persuasive coin seller...
The real memory though was of all the buskers in the street... In Sydney a busker is typically a half drunk guitarist with a bad singing voice and a worse attitude, but here its unbelieveable! ON one corner was an opera singer with a full orchestra backing! Double base, accordion, violin... the works.. PLus all soprts of flamenco guitar action, marrionette shows, it was crazy!
After hanging out in the CBD type area where our hostel is it was great to get out and see some more of the suburban areas...
Sunday night we got a tip off about a great steakhouse also in San Telmo (which, by the way, Sam thought was called St Elmo), and so heading there to have a look... For around AU$70 we got the biggest juiciest steaks you have ever seen. pklus we polished a couple of fine bottles of red...not to mention a litre of stella Artios... thats the only size they sell. Sweet... the best meal we have had since Sushiman in Balmain!

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La Boca

Home of Maradona

sunny 27 °C

Today we set off for La Boca. This was our first outing on a bus and possibly our last. We made it safely to our destination and were greeted with splashes of red,yellow,greens and blue. Every building in La Boca is a different colour and the cobble stone streets are lined with markets and restaurants. Surprisingly the people aren't as annoying as we first envisioned. They try and get you to buy something but a simple "no gracia" - that's no thank you for you non spanish speaking people, is all you need to say and they back down. A highlight of the trip was going to La Boca stadium. It is huge, i mean massive and the people worship Maradona. When we first arrived they had a man impersonating Maradona and they tried to convince us that it was really him, but us Aussies are way to clever for that old chestnut. LA Boca was fun but a bit too touristy for our liking. The worst part of the trip was when it came time to come home. Well we were warned that you need to have change for the bus. Sweet, we had change going there so we just thought we would change (no pun intended) some on the way home. As it turns out not one restaurant or market will change money for you. Change is so rare in Argentina that even when i went to buy a lolly so that i could get change back they would not sell it to me. They would rather keep the change than make money..hrmm and they wonder why their economy isn't doing so great. Not speaking Spanish also made this dilemma more annoying. Just before i was about to start impersonating some blonde famous celebrity a man took pity on us and gave us change, apparently this is what they call a "miraclo" (translation miracle).

Today La Boca, tomorrow San Telmo.


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