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To sleep or not to sleep...that is the question..

sunny 26 °C

Well we are into our third day and it feels as though we have been here for weeks. Yesterday was extremely eventful, we slept for 19 hours, the only time we got up was to walk outside and get a steak. We slept so much that when Will got out of bed there was a permanent indent in the mattress. Due us over sleeping we ended up waking up at about 5am and carrying on a conversation as if it was midday. Today will be different i can assure you. We went for a run at about 7am through the city, it was beautiful. I strongly recommend that if you intend on running in Buenos Aires do it at this time.

We are heading to La Boca today. We get there by bus and there is a main street (i cant remember what it is called Will seems to remember those type of things) but apparently there are little markets and tango dancing on the side of the streets. We will have to be careful to stick to the main street however, as if you detour off we will more than likely get mugged... Hopefully we will go on a tour of Boca Juniors stadium, where Maradona started his career... They treat that guy like a god here...

So, here comes our first attempt at Public transport. If you dont hear from us again, we are more than likely living in a bus shelter, scared and confused.


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Day 2

Things look better without Jetlag!

rain 27 °C

So its day 2, its raining and finally a chance to look back on all thats happened in the past few days and realise whats going on...
The jetlag has been pretty hectic.. We left Sydney at 10:50 am, Wednesday, and arrived 13 hours later at 10:50 am, Wednesday... sleep patterns having gone out the window, we thought it was time to go exploring... Headed down Avenue de MAyo (where we are staying) and arrived at Avenue 9 de Julio... Why 9? Well there is 9 lanes in each direction and a 90% chance of death when crossing...
Not long after that we got to the main Square, the plaza de MAyo (they love MAyo here apparently) and there was riot police everywhere brandishing water cannons and a very bad attitude. Had i not been with the only blonde girl within a 50k radius i might have copped it.
Not long after that we found out why there were cops everywhere... hundreds of angry argentinians came round the corner with big signs chanting something over and over.. there were marching to parliament house.. so naturally we joined them. Turns out we were marching to protest water contamination. Well, im a big fan of water contamination so we left the angry mob and got lost in the worlds biggest shopping centre.. Sam was in heaven..
Things arent so cheap here so managed to steer sam away and get stuck into the first of many massive steaks.. beef and red wine are Argentinas primary exports, so we have been loving it! Met up with a couple of Sams mates from school and got belted. Woke up at 5pm and have finally shaken off the effects of the time difference, and replaced it with a splitting hangover instead. Great.
Will attempt to post some photos later, but our complete lack of techniocal knowledge might not help!
W+S xx

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First Entry - Hurdle One Accomplished

Packing...oh and arriving in Buenos Aires

semi-overcast 25 °C
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Welcome to our very first entry of what will be a long and exciting journey!!

Now I dont want to confuse people by the title of my blog, when thinking of a hurdle one thinks of a difficult obstacle or task to overcome. Such as:

[*] a 13 hour flight sittng next to Will

[*] realising the only inflight movie is Mamma Mia

[*] travelling 9 months straight with Will

[*] being in a foreign country (with Will) and not knowing the language

and yes you would be correct, however, I would like to bring to your attention the accomplishment of packing my backpack.

I have to say this has been a huge talking point between Will and myself and he has doubted my ability to pack all the items i have casually mentioned to him over the last few months..high heels, hair straightener, hair dryer... but it is safe to say they have all been included (im sure all the boys are making a sigh a of relief). This brings me to our first travel tip

Travel Tip 1: Backpack with wheels - A must

Probably on a more important note, we have landed safely in Buenos Aires and have found our Hostel without being ripped off (well im pretty sure our cab cost way more than it was meant to but we agreed on on the price so it doesnt count). The weather is warm and humid and it has only just started getting dark (approx 10pm). We are totally jet lagged and are hoping to go to bed and awake tomorrow ready to tackle the city, which i might add has a very european look and feel...very cute.

Will keep you updated on our travels!!

Missing everyone already

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